The.. Gary.. Chronicle!!

Issue 1 Edit

Section A: MallsEdit

Ah, malls. They have become popular in Snowpoint City. And I mean popular. Down at Cocanut Street, there is a mall, GGD Mall. And down at Ice Cream Lane, CPM Mall. And near the Chlorine Lake, The Kur Mall! So many malls! You should visit them all!

Section B: The Tooth Rockers first Concert!Edit

Get ready, rock 'n' rollers! The Tooth Rocker's first concert! Gary the Gaget Dude, on electric gutiar. We need pepole out there to join the band to be a bass gutiarist, drummer and tuba player! If you love rock 'n' roll, and Gary the Gaget Dude is your freind, join his band or his music carrer is over!

Section C: Featured UserEdit

This week's featured user is Akbaboy.

Section D: First Annual GGD Mall Shopping Spree!Edit

We at the Gary Chronicle are proud to announce the GGD Mall's first annual shopping spree! Shoppers, grab your coins, and GO, GO, GO! There are many clothing out there, and we need hunderded or shoppers to get some stores out of stock! Join now!

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