Characters Edit

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Other CharactersEdit

  • Ben 100022/Kur Rising, DragonBeater's cousin and arch-nemesis.
  • Jug Jug, brother of Gary the Gaget Dude.
  • ClubPenguinMaster, an evil villain who pretends to be good but is actually planning to destroy Chill, Freeza, Drago and everyone else.
  • Sanity Penguin, a villain who captures Chill, Freeza, Drago, Gary and Barn Owls Rule.
  • MicroChip123, a hacker who is friends with, but not nearly as villainous as Sanity Penguin.
  • Icecuber2d2, the true form of the mysterious orange. He can shapeshift between his orange form and penguin form.
  • Wonderweez, a friend of Chill and Gary.
  • Fred, a random kid who talks in a high voice from YouTube.
  • The Annoying Orange, a talking orange from YouTube.

Bosses Edit

This is the list of bosses that are fought in the story and their battle music. Some are fought more then once. (Sorry about the music quality, it's the best I can get!)

  • CPM-Bot C-Type: The first boss of the story. It is a giant robot shaped like CPM with a jet pack, and is piloted by CPM himself.
  • The Hacker Duo: The second boss of the story. Quite obviously, it is Sanity Penguin and MicroChip.
  • Brainwashed GGD: The third boss of the story. The result of GGD getting hit with mysterious lightning is this. He was returned to normal after being defeated.
  • Brainwashed Hacker Bot BHC-Type: The fourth boss of the story. A strange blend of CPM-Bot C-Type, The Hacker Duo and Brainwashed GGD forms this thing.
  • The Epic Battle: A fight between Hal and Snowman leads into an epic battle where everybody gets beaten up.

Chapter 1:The History Edit

Many, many, MANY years after Chill's friendship with Drago and Barn, there was a great war in CP. Penguins fought. And you know what they were fighting over? A SNOWBALL! But it wasn't just any snowball. It was a golden snowball that was lost in the ancient days of King Ra-Ra. King Ba-Ta, King Ra-Ra's father, created this snowball. It was in King Ra-Ra's pyramid until one day, Alaskon and Yukska, some explorers, stole it! It was lost. Until one day, Boomer, the commander of ACP found it.

Chapter 2:The Ninja vs. ACP War Edit

Ninjas had news of this, and ACP came to the Ninja Hideout, and they fought.

"Wait! We need a commander!" a Ninja shouted.

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea." said another Ninja as he threw a snowball.

"How about Hat Pop and Snowman 1001?" said another Ninja.

"Sounds like a good idea to me!" said another Ninja as Snowman and Hat stepped up.

Snowman 1001 and Hat Pop led the Ninjas, and Boomer was killed. ACP ran away in fear and dropped the golden snowball. The ninjas jumped in happiness.

"Uh, guys? The snowball? Won it? Leaving?" said a Ninja.

The golden snowball rolled away, and landed in the Ski Village.

Chapter 3:Chill57181 and Gary Numbah 2 Edit

"So Gary, what do you want to do today?" asked Chill as he and his friend waddled in the Ski Village.

"I don't know, maybe we could go play Sled Racing at the mountain?" suggested Gary.

Chill57181 and Gary Numbah 2 were good friends. You probably could call him Drago's replacement, ever since Drago was killed in the war. Or that's what they thought. As they walked up the mountain, Chill's party hat fell off and he felt a cold rush on his head.

"YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKES!" Chill screamed from the very cold snowball that hit his head.

"Chill, that snowball is... gold..." awed Gary in amazement.

"Wait, huh what?" Chill said as he hit his head to knock the snowball off.

Chill held the golden snow in amazement.

"We can sell this and make tons of money!" said Gary.

"All you wanna do is get a new igloo." Chill snapped.

"I do not! I want to get 50,000,000 ice cream cones..." said Gary in embarrassment.

Chapter 4:The Dollar Shop Edit

"Welcome, welcome, to the Dollar Shop! Sell your rare items here and other cool stuff!" said Hal Homsar Solo, the penguin who owned the shop.

Chill and Gary waddled up to the desk where Hal was.

"Hey Solo!" said Chill.

"Hiya Hal!" said Gary.

"Oh, hi guys!" said Hal as she heard them. "Got something?"

"We sure do!" said Chill.

"GOLD SNOW FALL HIT CHILL WE SELL NOW!" said Gary in excitement.

"What he was trying to say was that the golden snowball fell on my head and he wanted to sell it." explained Chill.

"Here is 700,000,000 dollars!" Hal said as Chill traded the golden snowball to Hal.

Chapter 5:The Ice Cream Shop Edit

"Yay! 50,000,000 ice cream cones!" said Gary as he grabbed them all.

"Yippe." Chill said sarcastically.

"And there is JUST enough for me to buy another igloo!" said Gary excitedly.

"Oh boy." Chill said, once again, sarcastically.

Chill reluctantly followed Gary to his igloo, where a group of construction workers were.

"OK boys, now move those ice blocks over there and move that there and that there and that there and that there, then repaint the igloo to look like a mansion!" ordered Gary as he licked his 1st ice cream cone out of 50,000,000.

Chapter 6:The Fortune Telling Orange Edit

"Oh, I'm so full." said Gary as he ate the last ice cream cone.

"Well no wonder! And you got a giant freezer WITH an even more giant fridge!" snapped Chill. He wasn't in a good mood at the time. "Hmm, speaking of wonder and freezer, I wonder what's going on with Wonderweez and my little bro!"

"Chill, Freezer disappeared years ago! BURP!" said Gary.

"Your right. I miss...him..." Chill said, as a tear came out of his eye.

"Oh, it's OK pal!" said Gary with a flipper over Chill's shoulder. "Let's read the newspaper!"

Chill and Gary waddled into the living room and sat down in two chairs. Due to Gary's previous ice cream event, Gary's chair broke to pieces.

"..." said Chill.

"Umm, hee hee?" chuckled Gary.

"Huh, what's this? Fortune Telling Orange? At Gift Shop July 26-August 30?" said Chill as he read a ad.

Chapter 7:The Mysterious (Talking?) Orange Edit

"Umm, hi orange." said Chill.

"Hey! Call me Unknown4! I'm perky! Ask me anything! Got cannonballs! Bubble gum!" said the orange.

"Uhh, OK. Where is my brother Freezer?" asked Chill.

"Generating answer. Please wait a moment. Abaluhgalweughlweaijawlthjuwatlwuhtlwauhtwlhgawlguhwleghlawughlawkghstatouwhtuwethawluthawluthawleuthlwa. Drago's cave in the Wilderness." replied the orange.

"Drago is still alive?" asked Chill to his friend Gary. "C'mon, let's go!!!" Chill said as he dragged Gary to the Wilderness.

"BAH BAH BAH!" screamed Gary as Chill barged out the door of the Gift Shop.

Chapter 8:Drago's Cave Edit

"It's...dark...and...spooky..." said Chill as they walked in the cave.

"VISITORS! Freezer! Who is it?" said a voice.

"Yes sir." said a voice, that sounded much like Chill's younger brother.

Freezer57181 waddled out of the darkness, and saw his older brother.

"BROTHER!" Freezer said as he ran out to hug Chill.

"Freezer! I missed you so much! Where's Drago?" asked Chill.

"He's right over here." said Freezer. "DRAGO! IT'S CHILL! AND A GUY WITH WEIRD ORANGE HAIR!"

A green penguin waddled out of the darkness.

"Chill? Is that you?" asked the penguin.

"Yes, it's me." replied Chill.

"It's me! Drago!" said the penguin.

"Drago! You're alive!!!" said Chill. "Hey jabberjaws! Drago is-" Chill turned around to see that his best friend was missing. "I guess we will have to look for Gary later."

Chapter 9:Barn Owls Rule Edit


"Woah, what was that?" said Chill.

"It sounded like it was coming in that door." suggested Freezer.

Drago opened the door to find Barn Owls Rule screaming and banging on the piano.

"Barn! Keep it down!" said Drago. "Oh, and by the way, Chill is back."

"Chill? CHILL!" said Barn as she jumped out of her seat and ran up to Chill. "I missed you so much!"

Freezer remembered that Yellow hasn't seen Chill or Yarr for years.

"Oh! I forgot about Yellow! I will go get him!" said Freezer, as he waddled into another room.

Freezer57181 came back out with Yellow.

"Sorry I took so long guys I-" said Freezer, however he paused as he looked around at the empty room. The places where his friends once sat were covered with dust.

Chapter 10:The Kidnapping Edit

"Grumble grumble..." said Chill57181, while being strapped to a wall.

"You will never get away with this Sanity!" screamed Drago.

"Oh yes I will. AND! I found your arch-nemesis. BWAHAHAH!" said Sanity Penguin.

"No... not Ben..." said Drago.

"Hup two three four Hup two three four Hup two three four!" said Ben 100022 as he walked into the room.

"I am Kur Rising, and these are the Benny-Bot 3000's!!!!" said Ben.

"Not you again!" said Drago.

"BWAHAHA! My arch-nemesis. There you are. I was worried that Sanity failed to catch you. But I guess he did." snickered Ben.

"Where is Barn? Tell me where Barn Owls Rule is, NOWWW!" said Drago.

"Ha! While you two were unconscious, I transformed Barn Owls Rule." said Ben as he pulled out a bag of yellow liquid.

"No! Barn!" said Chill.

"Maybe Gary will rescue us and turn Barn back!" whispered Chill to Drago.

"Oh, and I got one of your friends too. Enjoy your company!" Sanity said as he slammed the door and threw a cage in, containing Gary.

"Well, so much for Gary rescuing us." said Chill.

Chapter 11:What does Barn taste like? Edit

"So, what's going on?" asked Gary.

"Long story." Chill said.

"Oh c'mon, just tell me!" pleaded Gary.

"Basically, summed up, Sanity kidnapped us." said Drago.

Sanity returned to the room as he grabbed the sack of liquid (Barn Owls Rule) and started to walk away.

"Time for the taste test!" said Sanity.

Taste test? Chill didn't like the sound of that.

"What taste test?" asked Drago.

"Of course, the taste test of Barn Owls Rule!" said Sanity.

"You are going to drink her?" asked Drago.

"Ding ding ding! The penguin wins a prize! And your prize is nothing." said Sanity.

"Hey, do you think that orange could help us?" asked Gary.

"Great idea! We will have to wait though." said Chill.

"But we also need to hurry before they drink Barn!" added Drago.

Chapter 12:The EPF Headquarters Edit

Back at the EPF Headquarters, Gary The Gadget Guy, Rockhopper, The Mysterious Orange, Jug Jug, ClubPenguinMaster and Hal Homsar Solo were discussing how to get Chill, Freezer, Drago, Gary and Barn back.

"Hey, I know, maybe some YouTube guys can help out!" said the orange.

"Huh?" said Jug Jug.

"You know? Fred and The Annoying Orange?" said the orange.

The EPF screen turned on, and a picture of Fred and The Annoying Orange showed up. The Mysterious Orange then shapeshifted into his true form, Icecuber2d2.

"Fred! Annoying Orange! We need help!" said Icecuber.

"What can we do? Nyunyunyunyu!" asked Fred.

"Well, Chill57181, Freezer57181, DragonBeater, Gary Numbah 2 and Barn Owls Rule have been kidnapped." said Icecuber2d2. "They are at Sanity Penguin's lair."

"Yes! Well, OK. Nyunyunyunyu! I will PWN this Sanity Nyunyu with my randomness! Nyunyunyunyunyunyunyu!!" said Fred, showing his randomness.

"Maybe we can get Wonderweez too. C'mon! He's probably at his igloo!" said Jug Jug.

Jug Jug, Icecuber and the agents went to Wonder's igloo, while Fred and The Annoying Orange went to "PWN Sanity with they're randomness".

Chapter 13:Wonderweez Edit

"Knock knock! Are you home? Wonder? YOU HERE?" screamed ClubPenguinMaster.

Fed up, ClubPenguinMaster broke down the door, and Jug Jug followed him. However, Wonder was nowhere near his igloo.

"Hey guys, look at this." said Gary.

"A note! It says...I am not home right now. I am helping some friends." said Solo, as she read the note.

"Oh great, Wonder isn't here! Where could he be?" said Jug Jug.

"I know! Let's check the Pizza Parlor. Wonderweez always helps out friends there." suggested Gary.

So, they waddled to the Pizza Parlor, and they saw Wonder making pizzas.

"Wonder! We need your help!" said ClubPenguinMaster.

"With what?" asked Wonderweez.

As Jug Jug explained what was happening, Fred was PWNing Sanity.

Chapter 14:The PWNsomeness of Fred Edit

"Nyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyuynuynu!" said Fred as he annoyed Sanity.

He annoyed him so much, that Sanity exploded! Ben gave up, and joined the good side. Thankfully, they didn't taste-test Barn yet. Ben turned her back to normal, and they went to free Chill and friends. However, they heard that another hacker, MicroChip123, was mad about Sanity exploding and was on his way to Sanity's hideout.

"We have to get out of here quick!" said Barn.

"The door! It's locked!" said Wonderweez as he tried to break it down.

All of a sudden, the front door burst open and MicroChip123 walked in.

"MICROCHIP!" screamed Jug Jug.

"Why did you explode Sanity!?!??!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" asked MicroChip123 in anger.

"Uhhhh..." said Barn, not knowing what to say.

Luckily, Fred didn't leave yet, so he "randomized" MicroChip!

"Nyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyunyu" said Fred as he annoyed MicroChip.

"Wha?" said MicroChip.

MicroChip123 stared at Fred and Fred crossed his eyes. Then MicroChip exploded!

"We did it!" exclaimed Kur Rising.

Chapter 15:The Waves Attack Edit

Chill and friends (Drago, Ben, Barn, Snowman, Jug Jug, Gary etc.) went to the Beach. A big wave swept up and flooded the Beach, Dock, and Ski Village. Freezer, Drago and Barn ran up to the Ski Hill, but all they're other friends were swept away into the sea.

"HEEEEEEEEELP! BLUB!" screamed Wonderweez.

Luckily, the Migrator was docked at the Beach, so Drago, Barn and Freezer hitched a ride and went out to sea to save they're friends.

"OK, if you see Gary, Jug Jug or anyone else let me know." said Barn.

"There's Wonderweez!" said Freezer as he pointed.

"Freeza, send out the plank so our friends can get back on." Drago asked.

Eventually, everyone was on the Migrator so they turned around and went to Club Penguin.

Chapter 16:Club Penguin is Sinking? Edit

When they neared the island, Club Penguin was a bit tippy and the Lighthouse was flooded with water! When they swam up through the Lighthouse, they found that water was pouring off the Beacon!

"We need to stop who is doing this. And fast." said Jug Jug.

"Yes, let's hurry." said Wonderweez.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" said ClubPenguinMaster.

The friends wondered what to do.

"Ummm, we have to hurry..." said Freezer a bit nervously.

"Or not..." ClubPenguinMaster replied with a hint of an evil grin on his face.

"Why? Club Penguin will sink if we don't fix it soon. Come on, we need to balance it." replied Jug Jug.

ClubPenguinMaster and Icecuber2d2, who decided to go onto CPM's side, reluctantly followed them.

"Look! Club Penguin is completely out of the water on that side!" Hat Pop pointed.

The friends ran up the other side, although it was a bit hard since it was nearly like a wall.

"Ugh... I...can't....go...any.......further....." Freezer said as he tried to climb up.

"Freeza! No!" cried Dragon as Freezer started to slip.

"That's it... DRAGON POWER!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Drago as he transformed into a dragon. He flew down and came back up, carrying Freezer the whole time.

Chapter 17:We Saved Club Penguin! Edit

Everyone sat on the edge of Club Penguin, which was completely tipped over and basically like a wall now. Drago flew around and put life preservers on the bottom. Then Drago sat on the edge with everyone else.

"Ready? GROUND POUND!" asked Drago as everyone jumped and then slammed onto it. Club Penguin slowly started to tip to normal. Everyone quickly ran to the other side to avoid being dipped into the water.

"Woo hoo!" celebrated Freezer.

"Hey, where did ClubPenguinMaster and Icecuber2d2 go?" Chill asked.

"I dunno." Hat Pop replied.

"GWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed CPM as he showed up in a giant robot resembling a flying CPMaster.

"CPM! You were against us this whole time?" Snowman gasped.

"Yup. Now TAKE THIS!" screamed CPM.

Chapter 18:Battle with CPM-Bot C-Type Edit

"GWAHAHAHAHA! My revenge is like a slice of bread and your doom is like the mustard on it!" CPM screamed.

"FAWFUL REFERENCE :O" gasped Snowman.

"Hey! I got an idea! The tent game!" suggested Hat Pop.

"Yeah, I remember that! We used to play it in Chill's iglo-" Snowman didn't get to finish as he was knocked out cold by CPM-Bot C-Type.

"Gwahahaha! How do you like that, shark of silly snowmen?" laughed CPM.

Dragonian King, Chill's rival in school, showed up and joined the battle.

"Woah, thanks for coming!" Chill said.

"No problem!" DK replied. "MR. D!!!!!!!!!!!!"'

"Gwahahaha! Feel the wrath of... MR. D!" screamed Mr. D as he jumped onto CPM-Bot C-Type.


Mr. D jumped off as CPM-Bot C-Type started to let off smoke.

"OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed CPM as CPM-Bot C-Type exploded and pieces were sent in seperate directions.

Chapter 19:Sanity's Revenge Edit

"Woo-hoo! We defeated CPM!" Chill said in celebration.

Snowman got up and put his glasses back on. All of a sudden they were scooped up in a net by Sanity Penguin!

"GWAHAHAHAHA! I SHALL GET MY REVENGE!" screamed Sanity as he flew away, carrying the net with.

"Not again..." moaned GGD.

Eventually, they reached Sanity's huge cave where Chill, Drago, GGD and Barn Owls Rule were imprisoned earlier.

"Ugh..." Chill moaned.

"It looks the same... Ugh..." moaned Drago.

Everyone was imprisoned in the same room, so it was just a bit cramped. (Correction: It was cramped a lot.)

Everyone ran to one side of the cave where they noticed some light.

"Hey, what's that?" asked Chill.

They all decided to pile up and were able to smash the part where light was seeping through.

Chapter 20: The Escape Edit

MicroChip and Sanity Penguin heard the friends smash through the cave and chased after them.

"Uh guys... I think Sanity and Micro are following us..." Jug Jug said.

Sure enough, Sanity and Micro were behind by just two inches.

The friends ran here and there.

"WE'LL GET YOU!!!" screamed Sanity as he chased them as fast as he could.

"Hurry!" Chill screamed to his friends.

Chill started to run out of breath and slowed down a bit. Then he fell over. Sanity caught sight of him, and put him in a net.

"You get the others. I'll take this piece of scum back to the hideout." Sanity said to Micro.

The friends noticed Chill wasn't behind them. Then they all stopped and started to skid.

DK bumped into Gary, who bumped into Rockhopper, who bumped into GGD, who bumped into Hal, who bumped into Barn, who bumped into Hat, who bumped into Snowman, who bumped into Drago, who bumped into Flippers, who knocked down Freezer who tripped them all.

Suddenly Jug Jug and Wonderweez came skidding down the path, and tumbled into the pile.

"Woo! I caught Chill!" Sanity celebrated as he skipped his way down to the hideout. Just as he got there, he tripped on a bomb which sent him over to where the friends and MicroChip were.

Chapter 21:Duel Against the Hackers! Edit

Chill landed next to the friends, as the explosion broke the net and set him free.

"RPG! RPG! RPG!" Snowman screamed.

"Ehhh..." sighed Drago.

The battle ensues as normal with no RPG elements.

"BOMB SQUAD!" Hat Pop screams.

Nothing happens and Sanity stands there pointing and laughing, when a bunch of bombs wearing bunny ears run towards the hacker, with they're fuses lit.

"Uh..." Micro starts.

"Oh..." finishes Sanity.


"YOWZER!" screams Micro.

"Owwwwww...." Sanity moans as he faints.

"DEH DEH DEH" screams Drago for apparently no reason and throws a large package of TNT at Micro who picks it up.

"Hahaha! Take this!" Micro says as he starts running towards the heroes, although they measly step out of the way and Micro darts past them, who explodes from all the TNT.

"NOOOOO! YOU DEFEATED MICROCHIP!" cries Sanity as he dashes toward DK, who transforms into Mr. D, which creates a small blast defeated Sanity.

"GRRRRRRRR! I WILL REEEEETURnnnNNnNNnNNNNNnnnnN!!" screams Sanity as he is blasted into the cloudless sky of Club Penguin.

Chapter 22: Victory! Edit

"Yes! We did it!" proclaimed Chill.

Suddenly everyone hears the "ET" noise. Everyone turns and looks at Snowman, who blushes.

"Gross!" says Barn in disgust.

"Lightning!" screams GGD. "Watch out!"

GGD runs and pushes Jug Jug out of the way just as the lightning hits the ground...and GGD...

"NO! GGD!" screams Chill.

"I suppose we have to battle him now." Hat Pop sighs.


"Woah, that's serious mind-control there!" Drago says.

"DEH DEH DE- MMPH!" screams GGD as DK stuffs a sock in his mouth.

"MR. D!" screams DK as he transforms. "SUPER JUMP!"


"OWWWW NOOOOOOOOOOOOoOooOooooooOOoOO!" screams GGD as he returns to normal.

"Phew, thanks guys. What happened?" GGD asks. Suddenly, CPM-Bot C-Type flies overhead.

"Uh oh..." Chill sighs.

Chapter 23:Rematch with CPM-Bot C-Type! Edit

"Gwahaha! You won't defeat me this time!" CPM screams.

"Yeah yeah so what." Snowman says.

"My revenge will be like bread and your doom will be like the-" CPM starts to say.

"Your next word is mustard!" Hat Pop screams.

"-mustard of your do- HUH? HOW'D YOU...." CPM says in shock. "No matter, I will defeat you anyway."


CPM-Bot C-Type drops tons of missiles, knocking out everyone but Jug Jug.

"Guess it's up to me." Jug Jug says as he jumps up onto CPM-Bot C-Type.


"Ouch!" screams CPM as parts of his robot fall off. Then the robot explodes, sending the remaining pieces, Jug Jug and CPM careening into the sky, when everyone wakes up.

"Huh, where's Jug Jug? And CPM?" GGD says.

"I don't know. We will have to find Jug Jug later." Chill replies.

"You're right I gue- YOWZERS!!!!!" GGD says as another bolt of lightning strikes him, brainwashing him.

All of a sudden, an improved version of CPM-Bot C-Type shows up, followed by the hackers.

"Yuh-oh." says Snowman in shock.

Suddenly everything rolls up into a paper ball, forming Brainwashed Hacker Bot BHC-Type, a twisted combination of them.

"DWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screams Brainwashed Hacker... Ehh yadda yadda we'll call him Twisted Combination.

"He probably has super high health! We gotta beat him quick befor- YOWZERS!" says Snowman as he gets inhaled by Twisted Combination.

"Pwaddo! Pwaddo me pwaddo" screams Twisted Combination.

"He's more random-er then a combination of Fred and the Annoying Orange! Uhh, is random-er even a word?" screams Wonder.


Suddenly half of the group are knocked out already.

"Woah, that was quick." shivers Hat Pop.

"ME DEEFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeAT YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUuuuuUUuUuuU!" screams Twisted Combination, not noticing that Hat Pop has ran under him.


All of a sudden, Hat Pop unexpectedly punches Brainwashed GGD out, forming Hacker Bot HC-Type.

"Yikes! What happene- YAAAAAA WHAT'S THAT!?" GGD screams as he gets knocked out.

"BWEEEEEEEEEE DEE HACKER! BWEEEEEEEEEEEE DEE WOBO- YOWZO WOWZO DWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" screams Twisted Combination, and accidentally coughs out Sanity, who is unconcious.

"Throw time!" says GGD as he swings Sanity around and throws him into the sea.

Wonder does a punch to Twisted Combination's face, and it explodes, and Micro, Snowman and CPM fall onto the ground.

"Ow..... That hurt..." said Snowman.

"No time for complaining!" Hat Pop said. She grabbed Micro and CPM, then threw them into the water. They landed on Sanity, who was still unconcious.

Chapter 24:Drago Gets Bored Edit

"Guys, I'm bored." Drago said.

"Me too." replied Freezer.

"Me three." added Barn.

Everyone stared at her.

"That joke is so old." Snowman said. "It's even older then me!"

"And that's saying something!" chuckled Hal.

"What, are you saying I'm old?" "Well, you're a beta!" "DON'T MENTION ME BEING A BETA!" "But you are!" "I DON'T WANT FAME!"

Then an epic battle breaks out between Hal and Snowman... In RPG style!



Hal chooses Attack!

Snowman takes 1 HP worth of damage.

Snowman chooses Leave!

"Blah blah blah RPG fights are no fun." Hal said.

"That is why I quit." replied Snowman.

Then an epic battle occurred and Hal beat Snowman to a pulp. Then Hat beat up Hal, and then Wonder beat up Hat, then Drago did something unexpected.

"Heh heh heh." Dragon said. Then there was a poof of smoke and Drago was in dragon form. Then he breathed fire on Wonder to stop the fight. Unfortunately that only continued the chain!

GGD beat up Drago, then Freezer beat up GGD, then Chill beat up Freezer, then Barn beat up Chill, then Drago got up and breathed fire on everyone, and then Fred and the Annoying Orange came out of nowhere and beat up Drago. Then Fred beat up the Annoying Orange, and Fred beat himself up out of randomness.

Chapter 25:The Hospital! Dun dun dun! Edit

Some random medics came and took Snowman, Hal, Hat, Wonder, Drago, GGD, Freezer, Chill, Barn, the Annoying Orange and Fred to the hospital.

"What happened? Freeza? Freeza? Hello?" Drago asked as he looked around. However he saw nothing but black.

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