Bunny Eared Ninja Penguin Art Director of the Club Penguin Shops Wiki, or BENPAD for short, is a user that creates awesome drawings for users.


  • Bunny Eared Ninja Penguin Art Director (BENPAD)
  • Super Sayain Art Director (SUSAD)

Hat Pop's Profile

Hat Pop created very awesome images for users. Her BENPAD rights were revoked because she was in cahoots with Seahorseruler.

Preceded By: Succeeded By:
None Dragonian King

Gallery of Hat Pop's Artwork


Dragonian King's Profile

After Hat Pop's BENPAD rights were revoked, Dragonian King, an admin of the wiki, became the new "BENPAD". Although he looks nothing like Hat Pop on Club Penguin, the title is not changed.

Preceded By: Succeeded By:
Hat Pop None (sharing with Leafingo)

Gallery of Dragonian King's Artwork

Leafingo's Profile

After Leafingo became an official member of the CPSW, DK was replaced with her. The name was changed to SUSAD at this point, meaning Super Sayain Art Director.

Preceded By: Succeeded By:
Dragonian King (sharing position with) None
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