You travel into the CPFW where you get to be part of the first adventure: the beginning of the wiki.

MARIOTHEMOVIE: Itsa me Mariothemovie and I present to you . . . the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.

Several people clap until a portal opens and you smack down on the ground.

MARIOTHEMOVIE: Who are you? A troll?

YOU: No. I just had a problem getting here on time.

MARIOTHEMOVIE: Well carry on then.

Mariothemovie has a long speech and everyone falls asleep. Everybody wakes up when the speech finished and started to create articles.

YOU: Better fit in with the rest and create my article.

Pencil added to your inventory. Eraser added to your inventory. Map added to your inventory. 1000 pebbles and 1000 coins added to your inventory.

Start creating your own personal article.


Tell everyone using your messaging machine that you have to leave and "log off"